OnlineRSVPBest is:

  • Convenient - reducing guest response time

  • Cost Effective - saving you time, money and effort

  • Customizable - offering basic and custom designs

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Online RSVP Best gives guests on your wedding, corporate function or other special event list the gift of convenience - encouraging instant, online response to your invitation and reducing the chance they'll misplace or, however well intentioned, forget to mail in a response to a "traditional" RSVP.

Your unique Event ID is included in all invitations sent through our secure, online service along with a link which takes guests directly to your event page to help accelerate and guide them through the reply process.

Cost Effective

Online RSVP Best saves you precious time and money by minimizing the need for a separate mailer. With Online RSVP Best, there are no stamps to buy, no unpleasant glues to deal with and no odd-sized envelopes to carry to the post office, in bulk, so that you can have weight and/or postage rates calculated.

Online RSVP Best also helps you provide caterers and other event planning professionals with quick, accurate updates any time you want or need to - reducing the chance that you'll be charged for last-minute additions to your party.


Online RSVP Best provides you with everything you need to make your event a success. From creating do-it-yourself Online RSVPs using one of more than two dozen themed templates (ranging in style from elegant to playful and representing eleven event categories) to scheduling Toll Free Operator Assisted RSVP service, we've got your wedding, party, seminar or workshop covered!

Import guests' contact information from an existing online address book or Excel spreadsheet into your Online RSVP Best account in minutes. Online RSVP Best makes adding new contacts to your guest list easy, as well. With Online RSVP Best, the hardest part is deciding who to invite!

OnlineRSVPBest offers the following:

  • Toll FREE RSVP Service for Weddings (Operator Assisted)
          Add an extra touch of elegance - click HERE to learn more!

  • Toll FREE RSVP Service for Parties (Operator Assisted)
          Make the RSVP process even easier -click HERE to learn more!

  • Toll FREE RSVP Service for Special Events, Corporate Seminars and Workshops (Operator Assisted)
          Raise attendee response rates - call 1.888.837.6215 (Toll FREE) today!